Who is Falcon the 3rd (third)?

Falcon is the title given to the protector of good, the destroyer of evil and the defender of TRUTH. Faro Faros wears the “Power Ring” which makes him Falcon the 3rd. All the Original episodes were hand drawn starting back in January 20th 1991. Falcon 1st was drawn in the winter of 1990. It was an inspiration from the cartoon series Galaxy Rangers as the main character was based on Shane Gooseman of that American TV cartoon.

The entire episode of Falcon 1st was destroyed by the artist in a fit rage instigated by his father upon forcing the equation of “counting rice” dilemma on lunch time one day. The artist was at a very young age (12 yr) and could not control his temper.

Falcon comic then re-started off when the artist drew his very first episode (now lost) where the power of Falcon arrives in planet Thundarr from space in the form of a Power Ring. The Falcon 1st was named Chan Gooz Mon, he is not related to Falcon 2nd or 3rd. Chan Goon Mon was a craftsman who made crafts to earn a living in Thundarr village. He was the very first person to receive the Ring of Power directly from the Alien from some unknown planet. The Alien never did reveal which or what planet he originates from and why the Ring of Falcon was sent to this particular planet called Thundarr. Though some speculation led to the undeniable fact that this planet accommodates the evillest of evil beings!

Researcher’s at the DEC (Defense Enforcement Center) were able to determine the capabilities of The Power Ring after they apprehended Falcon 4th :

  • The Power Ring is capable of Teletransporting the “One” who is in possession of it…..though this works only sometimes.
  • When the possessed wears the Ring and concentrates he is given a suit which is fire-proof and laser proof! On top of it all it is quite indestructible.
  • Also a goggle appears which allows the possessed to have x-ray scan with night visions as clear as day, it gives direction (navigation), can access the internet and Jenny Hsu.
  • The Ring is capable of lifting exactly thousand times its own weight and even stops an incoming projectile (object) on its path in mid air – by creating a magnetic force flux field.
  • The most amazing power of the Ring yet is that it can locate its owner and come straight on to his finger when called upon.