Episode #3 ‘The Fire Devil’

In this episode Faro Faros Falcon the Third encounters the evil from the planet of evils named the Fire Devil. The sole purpose of the Fire Devil is to take life’s and burn down villages to smithereens. The Fire Devil was first encountered by Falc who was the uncle of Faro Faros and Falcon the Second. Faro’s uncle was able to encounter and defeat the Fire Devil and save the village of the Noseless Men.

Why the Fire Devil’s only attack villages inhabited by the Noseless Men is unknown. Some say the Noseless Men have a secret which they do not share with any outsiders. That secret story may as well explain why Fire Devils come back to their village over and over again.



This episode shows how Faro Faros is guided by the Fairy of Falcon. But that alone does not help Faro to fight the Fire Devil. Faro has to use his ingenuity to make full use of the Power Ring of Falcon.

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