Short Stories : Thundarr City

In Central Thundarr the city center, inside a Pub called Thundarr Drinks ( owned by Clown Inc ) sits Falo Faros the elder brother of Cam Faros ( father of Faros Faros ) and the soon to be husband of Hila ( Shecon 2nd ).

Beside him sits Ravor Ravez , who is evidently looking for the Ring of Power. So he tries and talks to Falo and tries to entice his attention towards Haggy ( the whore and Ravor’s wife ). Together they plan on to take the Power Ring from Falo.

So Haggy successfully entices Falo to come and sleep with her for a measly 1000 thundarrs. Which was paid in advance by Falo as he was quite disappointed at his own love life and is a very hopeless being at the moment.

1000 thundarrs is still a good portion of his monthly income of 22500 thundarrs at the ROCK miners inc.
Where he works full time as the rock digger ( heavy duty drilling crane operator ).

Haggy starts to strip once inside the room with Falo and starts to do the strip dancing as Falo gets excited. While doing the strip dance Haggy comes forward towards Falo and starts to suck on his finger and slowly pulls out the Power Ring off Falo’s index finger.

She puts on the Power Ring, Falo could hardly make out what was happening as he had a little too much to drink ( alkaline drink from Clown Inc Pub ) so his head starts to spin. Enters Ravor Ravez inside the room and finds Haggy trying out the Ring for herself. He shows his gun and tells her to lie on the bed. She does so and Ravor pulls the trigger and splatters Haggy’s head all over the bed sheet. Ravor then takes the Ring of Power from his dead hooker wife Haggy.

“Get down on your feet you retard!” commands Ravor pointing the gun at Falo.

“And now I shall use this Power Ring to kill you and take over the title of FALCON, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Saying so he puts on the Ring in his index finger and points it towards Falo and says “FALCON!” only to self-ignite that instance and turn to ashes.

Falo waits till Ravor is all ashes and then walks up to it and picks up his Power Ring.

“This is what happens when evil at heart tries to use the Power Ring’s power to attack true at hearts.”

THAT WAS HIS PAST, Falo has moved on and gotten very sober after this incident. It had occurred to him that he has responsibilities and only being true at heart and not deeds will not get him anywhere but into more trouble. He changed his path and pursued his once dropped course “Biology & Botany” in the School on Hopes. Where he also met with his new girlfriend Hila Harol, the daughter of Halo Harol founder of Halo Foundations ( of save the forest fund ).

The Power Ring plays its part in shaping Falo’s future as well as the Ring was of not much use in the Thundarr City as the law enforcers DEC were very much effective in controlling law and order. He had decided to move to the Thundarr Forest with his now wife Hila Faros and continue in her dad’s foundation work Halo Foundations ( of save the forest fund ).

The foundation had a strong foothold in the forest and has already a research cave in the heart of the forest. So Falo and Hila moved in gladly funded by her dad’s foundation and carried on with the research works for the foundation in the forest life.

Life in the forest was good, everything was plenty and fresh and always invigorating. Soulmen can stay young in these parts for a long time. So was married life. The Power Ring was also of not that much use. Though one must remember the Power Ring was handed over to Falo Faros in this very forest by the First Falcon, Gouz Canman.

From THE HISTORY OF FALCON Faro Faros reads “..As it begins the Planet of Thundarr is where the RING OF FALCON was found by the First Falcon. It landed in a space container in the forest of Thundarr. The container was discovered by Gouz Canman who was able to open the container by placing his hand on the “hand lock scan recognizer”. The container recognized the true nature of his heart and soul once he placed his hands on it and gave him permission to open the container and bear the RING OF FALCON which only works for those who are worthy of becoming THE FALCON. The FALCON helps those who are in need of help and true justice; it can sense evil and attack evil and those who have bad hearts only…”

..Gouz Canman was a true Thundarr villager from the village of Thundarr located in the deep forest of Thundarr forest. He was a small silversmith who would craft weapons and pottery with silver. His companion and partner was Murdac Daug, his half cousin who he grew up with playing in the same village. Murdac was quite a character. As he would always be bitter and never was he ever satisfied with the work he produced like the potteries and weapons, his was never as better as Gouz. But Murdac always kept it to himself and never did he show his true intention towards Gouz.That was since they were teenagers.When they grew up to be a man Murdac started to loathe the fact that young pretty Thundarr forest soil-woman’s were all able to control their vagina muscles , meaning if they wanted then only can the soil-men can enter them. This frustrated Murdac to the extent that he went and started to craft a contraption that would make soil-woman open up their vaginas when forced to wear it.

Soon Gouz found out what Murdac was up to in his silversmith hut. He started to protest with great detest. Denouncing the contraption and denouncing his relationship and friendship with Murdac forever. This made Murdac furious, as Gouz was the only friend and family he had left so he became enraged with violent temper and lurched himself towards Gouz with a fist made to hit him hard!

But at that very moment Gouz dodges him in a split second and pushes Murdac away from him. This push made Murdac go off balance and loosing his balance completely falls into the fire used for melting silver in containers in the silversmith hut. His face falls firstly and it burns.” Life was full of Vigor and Vitality. Romance with dear wife was good and fruitful. Life was fantastic.

Till one sad day, Hila wakes up with a bad dream and tells Falo about it. She says she dreamt that she was left alone in a mountain by him and she was weeping till she was flying.

“What a weird dream honey! Hahahahaha!” saying he picks her up and starts to kiss her.

After making love for an hour or so they head for the cave’s bathroom and Hila starts to use the Pee Stand and Falo starts to cut off his excessive hair off. Then shaves while talking about how good their life was and how peaceful the forest was at that moment. Thanks to Hila’s dads fund resources they never have to worry about work or thundarr’s!

The days come and go, the sun rises and sets, but the time inside the cave is and was as Falo and Hila wished it to be; blissful!

The day came by when it was time. The time Murder Dog would strike as he did before the first Falcon. The Dog would do the same to the Second and if required the Third and Forth. The Dog will not rest till Falcon’s are dead as soon as they get the Ring of Power. The Ring of Power has power to harm evil and stop evil on its track but it has no power to save Falcons!

The Dog being the dog he is devices a plan which is quite amusing. He will take Falcon out of his “cave” by a display of fireworks.  So he gets a bag of fireworks and starts to light them up one by one and soon the firework starts with a display of fire at works.

It is a sight of beauty and awe.

Hearing all the bangs Hila and Falo runs from the bathroom towards the door. Falo in the meantime thinks and feels something is amiss and so he puts on his protective Falcon suit. The Ring of Power at his finger and tells Hila before he heads off “Honey I will check it out no worries. Let’s see what all these commotion is all about” saying so he heads for the cave door and punches in the code 7-8-9-7 to open the sliding metal door.

“WOW!” Falo exclaims in sheer joy as he watches a fantastic display of fireworks at work just outside his cave.

As he stares on , the Dog , Murder Dog , jumps off behind him with a huge screwdriver and plunges it inside the skull of Falo Faros.


BY OMAR 11/5/2010



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